CSSN IdScan - Drivers License (Full text)

CSSN IdScan - Drivers License (Full text)
Item# IDSCO800R

Product Description

IdScan for driver license is the only driver license card reader that can truly extract text and read all 50 US states driver licenses.

Extract both data and images
Automatic state detection
Automatic card detection and scanning
Use the three technologies for verification of ID cards authenticity
Capture a full image of the license, or face & signature image only.
Scan cards directly into sales automation applications or contact management applications.
Scan driver licenses directly into Kiosk Leads capture programs, and other similar data gathering or surveying applications.

program screen shot
IdScan for driver license scans driver's licenses and extracts the document's image and text data, arranged in appropriate text fields, into a file or the clipboard. The extracted image and data can be exported to any other application, email, FTP and the web.

Let idScan increase productivity and reduce human error by automating the archiving process. The bus-powered USB device is powerful yet simple to use. Together, with its versatility, idScan offers the perfect, comprehensive scanning solution.

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